YAMATO believes that in order to be a trusted company one must be committed to social responsibility.

As YAMATO transports parcels as carefully as a mother cat moves her kitten, so it is with a deep belief that being an outstanding member of society also sustains growth for the company.

YAMATO believes that its shipping services form a worldwide social infrastructure that must be supported and nurtured. The company’s mission must also be tied into helping solve some of the world’s challenges.

For YAMATO that means three areas of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Safety for its workers and the public.

Protecting the environment.

Earning society’s trust.

For workers, social responsibility means YAMATO implementing safety and training plans. YAMATO believes, “Safety First, Business Second.”


For customers in Japan, YAMATO delivery people check on the welfare of the elderly living on their routes. It means helping with shopping support services for those who are not able to do it alone. For Shippers, it means programs to make sure undeclared dangerous goods don’t get loaded onto aircraft.

Protecting The Environment:

It means YAMATO uses low-emission delivery vehicles and hand-pushed trolleys.
YAMATO encourages development of environmentally friendly packaging materials and staffing local cleanup campaigns.

Earning Society’s Trust:

YAMATO does lifestyle, natural disaster, sales promotion, product delivery, tourism promotion and local community support to become a company loved and trusted by society.

YAMATO’s Corporate Responsibility program offers dozens of smaller initiatives that make a difference in the lives of millions everyday.